Zhouzhuang boasts a vast number of buildings from the Yuan, Ming and Qing dinasties. It has been recently declared an International Heritage Site by the United Nations.

Arriving in Zhouzhuang
Yunhai Pagoda

The Yunhai Pagoda is the biggest in town.

Sight from the hotel
Bridge over water

The Fountaineblean Double Bridge Holiday Inn has acceptable rooms with beautiful sights

Evening in Zhouzhuang
Sunset over water

Evening and morning are still quiet, best time to stroll around.

Despite the crowds, a day in Zhouzhuang is worthwhile. When you enter the town during the day, a gang of bandits in uniform charge you 60 Yuans to pass the main door. It is actually a ticket giving you the right to visit all the monuments.

One of the 14 bridges
One of the 14 bridges

Within the old town there are 10 sights, temples, gardens...that can be visited

Shen's Residence door
Shen's Residence entrance

Built by Shen Wansan, it has 7 courtyards with 5 doors. More than 100 rooms are connected to a main hall.

Inside Shen's Residence
Shen's Residence room

South from Shen's the Hall of Zhang's Residence is also worth visiting, with 70 rooms over the Ruojing river.

Narrow canal
Visiting by boat

Zhouzhuang became a large town outside the Fengmen Gate of Suzhou city, and an important centre for grain, silk, pottery and handicrafts

Water everywhere
Walking around

As Wu Guangzhong, a famous poet said : Zhouzhuang contains all the beauty of water towns

Nanhu Garden
Nanhu Garden

This garden was buit for Zhang Jiying, a literary man of the Jin dinasty, and consists of bridges crisscrossing over the water

Nanhu Garden
Nanhu Garden and Quanfu Temple

The temple is surrounded by pagodas leading to the Nanhu Gardens

Bridge in Nanhu Garden
Bridge in Nanhu Garden

The temple was buit during the Song dinasty, has 4 courtyards and 21 gold buddhas

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