The water city of TongLi is surrounded by 5 lakes and several rivers. Water occupies one-fifth of the total town area. The town is located by the Grand Canal and the Taihu lake, 18 km away from Suzhou. Inside, the town is divided in small islands connected by more than 40 various style stone bridges. The best place to stay is the Tongihu Holliday Village, a new hotel 5 minutes outside the inner city, facing one of the beautiful lakes and Luoxing island.

A boat
A boat

TongLi is named "film and tv base of China" by filmer comittee of China.

A canal
A canal

There are 35 protection spots in TongLi. In the center the Tuisi Garden is typical of Chinese landscaped garden, built on water. In 2000 it was listed as the World Cultural Heritage.

A canal
Along the canal

Cars cannot go along the clean canals. Only bikes, and boats. 3 bridges, Taiping (peace and tranquility), Jili (luck) and Changquing (celebration) are the treasure bridges of TongLi.

Boats for the tourists
Boats for all

It is possible to visit the city on one of these boats, but I did not try

The best restaurant in TongLi
Great address for lunch

Here you can eat many traditional and local dishes. Another interesting place to go : Nanyuan Teahouse

Luoxing island
Luoxing island

Facing the hotel, on the lake, about 500m from the bank, there is a little island with old ochre buildings famous for misk and foy.

Leaving TongLi
Leaving TongLi

The most pleasant way to reach Zhouzhuang is to take a speedboat across the lake in about 45mn

Living on the lake
House boats

After all, it looks like here : some people live in wet areas

Very long series of boats
Boats attached together

You meet many of such boats, more than 10 in this case, linked together

Shanghai home
The Yuyuan Bazar and Gardens
People's place and Nanjing Road
French Concession
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