The city is more than 2500 years old. Marco Polo spent 2 years after arriving there in 1276. An interesting silk museum teaches all the secrets that allow the creation of a fine tie. But Suzhou is best known for its gardens. Here are pictures from the main one : the Humble Administrator's Garden

In the North Temple garden
North Temple garden

Another evidence that I truly went there

water lillies
Water pond in the Humble Administrator's Garden

The nicest garden is supposed to be the Garden of the Master of the Nets

small museum
the Humble Administrator's Garden

Very relaxing atmosphere, despite of the multitude of visitors. Have you noticed the frog ?

Not the nympheas in Giverny !
Pond and bamboo

Humble, but not poor

A canal
Canal in Suzhou

Plenty of dirty canals run across the town

A street
Reading the latest news

Suzhou is surrounded by industrial estates but does not look brilliant in its center, and in the end, is not a pleasant city

Another canal
water again

Time to escape Suzhou and catch a taxi for Tongli

Shanghai home
The Yuyuan Bazar and Gardens
People's place and Nanjing Road
French Concession
My home