Pudong and Jinmao Tower

Pudong is a huge business area, which is not excessively interesting to wander around, unless you have to do it for work. But several buildings are worth visiting, such as the Jinmao Tower, the highest building in China, and the 3rd in the world.

Oriental Pearl Tower
Oriental Pearl Tower from the river

The television tower is 468m high and has 11 baubles in total, though only 3 are currently in use. The other are for lease, but I am not sure that having a flat there would be convenient :-)

Pudong from river
The towers of Pudong

Pudong is a bit like Hong-Kong, but with much more space to spread its vertical architecture.

87th floor of Jinmao Tower
The bar of the Grand Hyatt

Pearl Tower in the mist

All floors of the Jinmao Tower (420m) between the 54th and the 87th floor are used by the Grand Hyatt hotel. On the 87th floor there is a bar with a fantastic view. On the 53rd floor another piano bar is also very nice to stay in.

Huangpu river and Pearl Tower
Huangpu river from the sky

Still drinking and making pictures on the 87th floor

Pudong and the light of my flash
Around the tower

Back to the 54th floor

Hall of the jinmao Tower
Elegant hall of the Jinmao

The ground floor is also beautiful

Jinmao Tower
Jinmao from the ground

At night it is even more impressive. The tower itself symbolise bamboo, and also a pen. The name jinmao means "economy" and "trade"

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