French Concession

Large avenues with trees and last century architecture justify a long walk across the French Concession

Old house with big garden
Old house near Fuxing Park

Plenty of such nice old houses are rented by expat staff, and high ranking officials, who live there in a relax area

Old and new
Towers are winning

As everywhere in Shanghai old and low is replaced by modern and high

Modern police car
New police car

There is no thief, nearly no crime in Shanghai. Therefore no need for the police to be equiped with up2date cars

Fuxing Park was laid out by the French in 1909. There is a confortable tea house and always plenty of weird people to watch.

Fuxing Park
Flowers and towers

I did not meet the guy who is supposed to always walk around the park backwards

Tai Chi
T'ai Chi master in Fuxing Park

I watched him during half an hour. He did not seem to do twice the same thing

Shanghai home
The Yuyuan Bazar and Gardens
People's place and Nanjing Road
French Concession
My home