Landscape with trees (1800)

A week in Shanghai

From the end of July 2001 to August the 5th I spent 7 days in and around the city of Shanghai. Because China is a still a third world country, and politically a very closed one, flying there is also going back in time. But China is a giant market where massive investments pour in, and keen to transform itself into a modern state. It is therefore changing very fast, and needs to be seen promptly, before its picturesque scenes have all been replaced by skyscrappers and office staff. I hope you will enjoy these views of "The biggest Planet of the Rising Sun." please start the visit here : 7 days with the children of the sky

And to illustrate what might happen to them soon, just admire on the right an 18th century British landscape from Daniel Turner (active 1782-1801). As it was before traffic jam and mad cows.

Bertrand Zidler
Fulham, London, England


Shanghai from the sky

From the bar of the Grand Hyatt

View from the 87th floor of the Jinmao Tower


If you want to know more about China I suggest the Lonely Planet guidebooks. There is one covering all China, but I used mainly the one specific to Shanghai : Lonely Planet

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